About Us


Email: contact@bozulo.com

Phone: +1 863-225-8238

Address: 6 Joanna Dr, Lake Placid, FL 33852, United States

Support Time: 9am to 9pm Eastern Time/Monday to Friday Every Week (except for holidays)

We are a group of art students who share a passion for artistic canvas shoes. We started creating basic canvas shoes with unique image for ourselves and as gifts for friends. Then we made the bold decision to start a small shoes store in Lake Placid, Florida. The name “Bozulo” is simply a combination of the names of the three founders of this brand. At first, we only sold shoes at the store and received a lot of love from customers.

In early 2022, we started the journey to introduce Bozulo’s shoes to the world, by creating a sales website, bozulo.com. We hope to bring stylish, personalized shoes to customers around the globe while providing a smooth and comfortable experience for each user. Bozulo’s focus is on delivering beauty in both design and workmanship. Just as we carefully select the best fabrics for our products, we also consider every detail of the shoes, from the stitching to the comfort-enhancing features. We are fortunate to have the tremendous support of our friends and partners who have helped us streamline the shipping process. That has made it easy for customers everywhere to buy and receive shoes quickly. Today, we are delighted to welcome you to Bozulo, we eagerly look forward to providing you with a fun shoes shopping experience.

While striving towards perfection, we value your feedback and look forward to receiving your suggestions for continuous improvement and enhancement to make Bozulo’s products and services even better.