Tax Information

Tax Rate:
At Bozulo, we charge a 7.5% tax on customer orders. This tax rate applies to all applicable items in your cart and will be added to the total amount during the checkout process. We strive to provide transparent pricing, ensuring that the tax is clearly communicated and accounted for in the final price you pay.

Tax Calculation:
To make the process seamless for you, our system automatically calculates the tax based on the items in your order and the applicable tax rate. You will see a breakdown of the taxes applied at the checkout page, allowing you to review and confirm the final amount before completing your purchase.

We comply with all relevant tax regulations and guidelines to ensure that your transactions with us are in accordance with the law. Our commitment to compliance guarantees that you can shop confidently, knowing that your purchases are processed in a legal and transparent manner.

Tax Exemptions:
Please note that certain items or customers may be eligible for tax exemptions. If you believe you qualify for a tax exemption, please contact our customer support team with the necessary documentation. We will review your request and provide further instructions on how to proceed.